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About us

SIAM ART is the first specialized fine art material supply in Bangkok since 1998, located at 1st Floor of "The Old Siam Plaza", is the center of Bangkok, China & Indian town, the first art university in Thailand and near to "SAM YOD" MRT station Exit 3.

We are authorize dealer, import a world class quality of paints and accessories from leading brands such as OLD HOLLAND Classic Oil Colour, GOLDEN Acrylic Colors, HOLBEIN Oil and Watercolor, MABEF Easel, DA VINCI Paint Brush, JOHN PIKES Palette, KOH I NOOR drawing pencil, FOME etc.

We have wide range of products include Oil Colors, Water Colors, Acrylic Colors, Pastel, Easels, Paint Brushes, Papers, Canvas (Universal Primed, Oil Primed), and Palettes. Our team is able to provide product knowledge with service mind to the customers.

The Story Behind

Siam Art Supply

Founder by Mr. Chaiwat J. who came from technical and artist oriented in photo and printing expert since 1974. After he travelled and realized that Thai market was available only student grade paints in stationery stores. In 1998 he set up SIAM ART SUPPLY store by his own inspiration, not only concern profit and survive in business, just create opportunity for Artists have alternative to select high quality of paints (Artist Grade) in reasonable price.


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